Hexican (HXCN) is a finished product, immutable code, limited supply, artisanal token. A homage to the life blood of #HEX, #Hexicans.

Token locking and burning functions. Has been twice audited and deployed to the Ethereum blockchain.

HEXICANcoin will help market eHEX, HEX, PLS, PLSX and other tokens in the HEX ecosystem to the masses.

Soon to have a Sacrifice phase and it will be airdropped in more than one way and made available to the masses.

Please follow us on our journey, we appreciate you.

This website is constantly under construction, please mind the changes.

Twitter - @HEXICANcoin

Discord - Click Link

TikTok - @hexican.pro

YouTube - YouTubeChannelLink

Airdrop and Sacrifice coming soon, keep posted!

We are HEXICANS for HEXICANS, that means that one of our missions is to help Hexicans stay committed and motivated to stay in #HEX and not change to other cryptocurrencies.

We will also help introduce Hexican influencers, Hexican Artists and important Hexicans to new community members, Pulse Chain users, new Hexicans and the world.

PULSECHAIN is next and we are going to be there as well, that means twice the amount of coins for those that Sacrifice.

pHXCN will be in the PulseChain blockchain once main net launches, the Hexican ecosystem deserves more than one Token to honor it and we are making it happen.

Our roadmap is so different than other tokens in the ecosystem that we are keeping certain parts undisclosed to the public in order to keep an advantage in innovation until it is decided. Keep posted to our Social Media for more notifications soon.