Call to Action

HXCN - Call to Action

Do you want to be part of the @HEXICANcoin community? Whether you are a Hexican since HEX or started without knowing about HEX , we welcome you and we are very happy to have you. Check out below the different ways you can help out and you can add your own ideas too.

What are you best at?

We all have a talent or want try a new skill, this is your chance to shine.

Growing social media presence, be part of our Content Creating Gurus

Help us get more exposure by writing about HEXICANcoin and adding our website address - hexican.pro , so that it helps with SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Be part of our Community Growers

If you have the gift of influencing audiences and know how to draw crowds together, either online or in public, you are welcomed to join.

Be part of the HXCN Hexican tribe today and enjoy this positive minded , forward thinking, long term oriented tribe!

Artistic Muses, Creative types and every Hexican with Art as a skill

As a very visual community and your art, visual images, memes, gifs and other images that integrate the HXCN logo. You are invited and encouraged to participate, you beautiful muse.

"HEX is for staking, HXCN is for sharing and for keeping as a good luck charm."