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A little more about: Hexican HXCN

Why was Hexican HXCN Token? There is more than one reason for Hexican HXCN being created. Some of those reasons are: - To help with marketing HEX, PulseChain and PulseX to the masses.

- To honor the lifeblood of HEX, Hexicans.

- To bring and keep the HEX community together.

- In order to be a positive voice in the HEX community and a safe haven that motivates you to move forward.

- A type of good luck charm for HEXICANS to have in their wallets and share with their friends and family, like a commemorative coin for their commitment of 5555 days.

- To teach my kids about crypto currency, blockchain, business, community, marketing and much more. (one of the creator's favorite reason) Maybe this inspires you to use this token for your kids to learn with.

Some Characteristics you might like:

Solid foundation - Hexican HXCN is an already completed product, meaning that the smart contract has already been created for the token, audited twice and has been deployed into the Ethereum blockchain.

What is the Total Supply? - Hexican has a Total Maximum Supply of 55,553,695,555

Keeping the HEX tradition - The smart contract does NOT have admin keys, this means it is immutable, completely void of any type of changes after creation.

Family matters - Envisioned by a Hexican father that is using the opportunity to teach his kids about the cryptocurrency world.

App coming soon!